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Conversations with Josh and Khakazel (9 of 20) Josh: The course of the Sun is made perfect in us! We are made perfect in it! In the light of its glory and truth! Khakazel: He shines as a mother! And she protects as a Father! He is she and She is he! Josh: She is he and He is she! Ha-ha! muaahhh, to you and the Sun! We are one! Khakazel: She is the most merciful of the most merciful! Josh: Yes, indeed! Yes, truly! Her glory is revealed in time! As time! Beyond time! She is and always was and always will be! She is the glorious mother of the universe! Khakazel: The light within us! the light of truth! She is the space before space and yet always space! She is everlasting!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations perfect shines protects father muaahhh sun merciful josh glory revealed time glorious mother universe khakazel light truth space everlasting joshua aaron guillory

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