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Conversations with Josh and Viola (Part 13 of 22) Josh: Everything is beautiful! ''I can't'' can be ''I can t'' or ''I can perfectly''! T as in tav! I can at the perfect level! I can as perfection! I can in my course! as tet! I can as the perfect course! I can in the perfection of the course! in the perfect course! Or the course to or unto perfection! I can at my highest self! My perfect self! And I am my highest or perfect self! now! That is what it means! I'm me at my highest self! Viola: Yes, it's how you read it! You will know them by their intention! and yours! There is only one intention and only one true intention! world peace! Things can be read differently by different people and yet it is the same! The truth of it's the same! The intention is your guide and your truth! And to be in world peace, as world peace, you will see and be the truth!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations part josh beautiful perfectly tav level tet perfection perfect means highest viola true read differently people intention guide world peace truth joshua aaron guillory

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