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Conversations with Josh and Viola (Part 18 of 22) Josh: Yes, and it can mean to tell to get people to be at their highest, or be their highest, or perfect self! to help them, that is! And this applies relatively and with reason and or good judgment! No reason is still reason! And reason is still no reason! No being the nothingness or the empty space or peace! And ''t'' can mean ''to direct'' or ''direction''! To the ''direction'' or ''to direct'' them to their highest self! or in the direction to some degree! And yet no can mean nothing or silence! or to be silent! Sometimes people learn and hear from the silence! And to some degree always! [Narration: And to every degree always!]... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations viola part josh perfect applies good judgment reason nothingness empty space peace direct highest direction silent people learn hear silence narration degree joshua aaron guillory

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