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Conversations with Josh, Antonio, and Clara (6 of 14) Josh: Just the other day I was called by the site manager through her assistant to come sign the legal paper fiction of recertification and I was asking her the date because in my mind the date of May 13th popped out! [...the 13th, I asked] And she said it was the ninth! And what's interesting other than the fact I correctly signed all the papers May 9th, as it was that date in my mind, was that May 13th was the day an incident took place or connection with an incident that took place with me and the woman site manager! For some reason it was still in my mind!.... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations antonio clara josh called assistant sign legal paper fiction recertification popped asked ninth interesting fact correctly signed papers 9th date 13th day connection incident place woman site manager reason mind joshua aaron guillory

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