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Conversations with Josh, Antonio, and Clara (8 of 14) Clara: Or some kind of conscious or consciousness at the time! Truthfully, the Gregorian calendar is just a made-up calendar! How does anybody know it's the 11th today of April! And in all places it's not necessarily the same date or time! Only relatively to thought and place and time and or understanding or ignorance! Space or eternity is truly the only time! Time must bow and subject to that! Today is whatever day we want it to be! As today is relative to something and even a zillion, a billion, or trillion things! Josh: So true! Everything is perfect! Every thought is true! Every thought is true to world peace when world peace is the thought of true! Clara: Yes! This is beautiful and true! Antonio: You two are always beautiful and true! Josh and Clara: You, too! Antonio is true!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations kind conscious consciousness truthfully gregorian calendar 11th april places necessarily date place understanding ignorance space eternity time bow subject day today relative zillion billion trillion perfect world peace thought beautiful josh clara antonio true joshua aaron guillory

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