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Conversations with Josh, Mallory, Harry, and Jamison (10 of 13) Josh and Mallory and Harry and Jamison: Life is perfect peace and happiness! It's always here and always will be! What you look for is what you see! No sadness but gladness, no madness but joy, everything is real! everything mccoy! Peace is the foundation of all living things! Whatever you want is what life brings! Josh: Beautiful song, guys! gals! ha-ha! Mallory: Yes, indeed! Harry: Beauty is all you need! Jamison: Beauty is love and love is freed! Josh: Beauty is love, love indeed! Mallory: And love in deed! Harry: And indeed love! [Narration: Beauty is love and love has freed!]... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations perfect happiness sadness gladness madness joy real mccoy peace foundation living life brings beautiful song guys gals jamison josh mallory deed harry narration beauty love freed joshua aaron guillory

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