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Conversations with Josh, Mallory, Harry, and Jamison (4 of 13) Harry: I like how you have taught us the infinitude of words and thoughts! How to simultaneously speak words and think of hundred and thousands and millions of things as we say them, and with peace! Jamison: That's how we've been so fortunate and able further knowledge in physics and all the sciences! It's like your words come with infinite space and yet at the same time mathematical formulas, connections and systems! [or systematizings]! Josh: Yeah! And the truth is within you! And your own languages and words and infinitudeness of thought will expand even further as you create and connect and use what has been given to you! Mallory: Yeah! I agree! I've been working on mine! Harry: Me too! Jamison: Likewise! Josh: I knew it! And you will continually improve and advance!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations taught infinitude thoughts simultaneously speak thousands millions peace fortunate knowledge physics sciences infinite space time mathematical formulas connections systems systematizings truth languages words infinitudeness thought expand create connect mallory yeah agree working harry jamison josh knew continually improve advance joshua aaron guillory

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