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Conversations with Josh, Mallory, Harry, and Jamison (5 of 13) Jamison: Josh, you have mastered the universe! You have increased and perfected yourself in peace! Nothing no one says affects you from your peace or truth! You're always joyous! Josh: Thank you very much for your kind, empathetic and truthful words! I have kabbalized everything in my thought to the point everything leads and keeps me in peace! perfect peace! world peace! Mallory: It's fun or funny in a beautiful and unique way! You are the light of the world! And we all are! Your words have healed me from many diseases of the so-called past! It took me away from the illusion of my inabilities where now I believe and advance! I'm healthy! Free of all sickness and disease! Jamison: Likewise! Mallory: World peace!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations harry mastered universe increased perfected affects truth joyous josh kind empathetic truthful kabbalized thought point leads perfect fun funny beautiful unique light words healed diseases called illusion inabilities advance healthy free sickness disease jamison mallory world peace joshua aaron guillory

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