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Conversations with Josh, Mallory, Harry, and Jamison (7 of 13) Josh: In due time! when the right time comes and world is ready to hear it! I have connected so many things with life, nature, words, gematria and other things of the like, that it's amazing! I have so many ideas that will advance civilization and keep them in perfect peace that I've shared with you! And some I have yet to! But know this, my dear friends and lords, the truth is within you! What I know is within you, that's why you can know it! And all you have to do is seek, search, and find, and of course, believe! Manifest and live according to your truth! It's the secret to eternal life and happiness! All the secrets have there foundation in peace and are peace and of the peace consciousness and joy! Life is beautiful and perfect! I did my part right so I get everything right! I enjoy the likingness of everything! everything true! everything world peace!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations mallory harry jamison josh due time ready hear connected nature words gematria amazing ideas advance civilization shared dear friends lords seek search find manifest live truth secret eternal happiness secrets foundation consciousness joy life beautiful perfect part enjoy likingness true world peace joshua aaron guillory

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