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Conversations with Luther and Josh (14 of 20) [Narration: And sometimes crossing over it and coming back...] Josh: All thoughts and imagination are centers in the universe and centered in the universe and [or] a center in the universe! As everyone and everything is a universe! of the infinite universe or universities of life! of love! of desire! of peace! of stillness! of action! of creativity! of creation! of the universe! Luther: And all of which you state, for the universe! Sometimes it's not a matter of crossing the line as it is reaching it and coming back to look for more!..etc. Turn back, turn forward, all the same in the universe thought! There is one road or way of an infinite roads or ways! We can live in the past in thought now, and the present, and the future! What to be or is now, is to be past, and is to be future! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations narration josh thoughts imagination centers centered center universities life love desire peace stillness action creativity creation luther state matter crossing line reaching coming turn universe road infinite roads ways live thought present future joshua aaron guillory

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