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Conversations with Luther and Josh (17 of 20) [The tree or house planted in the same as a previous tree or house is still the same, of the same, a change, but different, but still the same and perfect, the perfect change, the perfect same, the old new, the new old, the same old, the same ole new, the new, the old, always old, always new! in whatever house, state, place, state, condition or nothingness of the nothing or empty space or therefrom, or thereafterwards from, from it, the nothingness of everything or nothingness as everything! and yes, state was or is repeated, isn't it?! is it not a different yet same state!? or place, or condition, or nothingness or somethingness, or imagination or thought or true or real, or perfect! a fake as real or real as fake if fake is real and real is fake? A fic, fiction, or crucifiction! a fictitious or fixture! or fecal or fickle or fucking or FECUNDITY or fee-con-deity or free-cunn-diety or free-coon-deity... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations luther josh planted previous tree change ole house empty space therefrom thereafterwards repeated state place condition nothingness somethingness imagination thought true perfect real fake fic fiction crucifiction fictitious fixture fecal fickle fucking fecundity fee cunn diety free coon deity joshua aaron guillory

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