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Conversations with Nadia and Josh or Josh and Nadia (8 of 14) Josh & Nadia: I love you! [Narration] We hold hands in what seems like forever! Josh: I'm so attached to you! Nadia: And I'm so attached to you! Nadia and Josh: And it feels perfect and free! I feel perfect and free! We feel perfect and free! Josh: I was thinking Nadia, some time ago, and very recently about the word bad! Bad can been seen as ''Beautiful and Delightful!'' And acronym or acrostic poem! Nadia: Yes! I totally agree! And I was thinking a similar and same thing! ''Beautiful and Dandy'! Josh: That's beautiful and dandy! Beautiful and Delicious! Delicious meal of love! Nadia: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Anyone who says ''Bad Karma'' if there talking about us must be meaning ''Beautiful and delightful karma!'' or fine and dandy karma! ha-ha!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations narration hold hands attached feels feel perfect free time word acronym acrostic poem totally agree thinking similar josh delicious meal love nadia yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bad talking meaning beautiful delightful fine dandy karma joshua aaron guillory

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