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Conversations with Sarah Jay (Part 1 of 13) Sarah Jay: Hey, Josh Josh: Hey, Sarah Jay! Sarah Jay: I'm still in awe what you did to my friend, Alisha! Josh: Don't be in awe! Be in awesome because it was amazing! Sarah Jay: How was that amazing? She is the daughter of a very noble prince in Arabia! You deepthroated her! And now she craves your cock! And is willing to get down in public and suck it for you! and for herself over the chastity of Allah! Josh: First off, it is a beautiful thing! And chastity contains the word ''chase'' and ''it''! She chased and chases after it! Isn't this chaste!? And holy? with a hole in her mouth? Sarah Jay: Since you put it like that, I guess! But that could just be wordplay! Josh: And making love to a woman as a man could be gay! or called gay! See what I mean? - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations part hey friend alisha awe awesome amazing daughter noble prince arabia deepthroated craves cock public suck allah beautiful chastity word chase chased chases chaste holy hole mouth sarah jay guess wordplay josh making love woman man called gay joshua aaron guillory

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