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Conversations with Sarah Jay (Part 10 of 13) Josh: Yeah, baby! you're mine! Your soul is mine! This is rape! I'm enjoying raping you! I'm forcibly taking you and you're taking me by the power of your will up ''against'' me! and me up ''against'' you! Beyond our power or will! Though it's our power or will! It's necessity! An uncontrollable force! It must happen! It had to happen! I raped you! And you raped me! And I love it! Sarah Jay: And I love it, too! I'm your bitch! Josh: And I'm your bitch! Necessity is defined by the Black's Law Dictionary as [a] ''Controlling force; irresistible compulsion; a power or impulse so great that admits no choice of conduct.'' That sounds like rape! It happened and therefore it had to happen! It was fate! Sarah Jay: I know what you mean! I know! We couldn't control it! And we will still love and respect each other! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations part yeah baby soul enjoying raping forcibly uncontrollable raped josh bitch necessity defined black law dictionary controlling force irresistible compulsion power impulse great admits choice conduct sounds rape happened happen fate sarah jay control love respect joshua aaron guillory

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