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Conversations with Sarah Jay (Part 2 of 13) Sarah Jay: You're funny! But disgusting also! Josh: What makes this disgusting!? I'm freeing her from her penitentiary or hell! Her feeling she has to be so charming, so holy, or so without! I like to use the word ''panache''! Which contains the words ''pan'' and ''ache''! and is also related to the word pinnacle! Trying to be so charming and elegant and stylish! To think that is the height or heaven! And certainly it is a cause for all [pan] your aches, heartaches, and or pains! Painache if you ask me! And no wonder why etymologically it is related to the word ''pen''! As we can see with a pen being used in the art/artifice of writing! Or any of the so-called stylish arts! As in ''pain-ting'' [or panting] also! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations part sarah jay funny josh disgusting freeing penitentiary hell feeling holy panache words ache pinnacle charming elegant height heaven pan aches heartaches pains painache etymologically related word pen art artifice writing called stylish arts pain ting panting joshua aaron guillory

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