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Conversations with Sarah Jay (Part 4 of 13) The problem or sickness that it seems or appears to be is the inability [or the feeling that one hasn't the ability] to escape from this or these charms! these delicacies! these intrigues! these arts! or the style or meter or discipline or so-called beauty of them! To me many people use it or this not only as a means to escape and be free, truly free, but as a way to con people to thinking that they're better or at some greater level to please themselves in a sick or unhealthy way! that is, in relation to other people! The style looks like a prison! Everybody makes sure [that is generally speaking] that they never risk freedom from it, or the freedom of it! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations sarah jay part problem sickness appears inability feeling ability charms delicacies intrigues arts meter discipline called beauty means escape free thinking greater level sick unhealthy relation people style prison generally speaking risk freedom joshua aaron guillory

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