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Conversations with Sarah Jay (Part 5 of 13) It's like they see Shakespeare or Tupac or some opera or drama or style of accepted eloquence as the height of writing, speaking or singing or music or thought in relation to truth, or the highest truth, and not necessarily the truth or knowledge contained therein! or in the works or speeches or songs or etc.! And I would say or speak of the freedom in it, to remain in it, but they don't seem free, so where's the freedom in it? That is, outside the legalistic confines! Sarah Jay: I see what you mean! And then they hide or escape to the term honor and reputation and things like this! which can also be a sickness and in many cases is!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations part shakespeare tupac opera drama style accepted eloquence height writing speaking singing music thought relation highest necessarily truth knowledge contained works speeches songs speak remain free freedom legalistic confines sarah jay hide escape term honor reputation sickness cases joshua aaron guillory

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