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Darkest days and interminable nights, the burden of being and not living. Wanting to close your eyes not to remember the vicissitude, how it perturbed you, devouring within you. One more caress or maybe another gaze, to realise that you still exist, that you may still be desired just one last time before you go into a bliss of eternal stillness so as to avoid thinking, wanting, bearing the weight of continuous sorrow. Knowing that the one you have always treasured has dissipated you from his memories. Helplessly having to accept the fate of never recapturing the sentiment that was once shared with the one that you loved so entirely and undividedly.
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darkest days interminable nights burden living close eyes remember vicissitude perturbed devouring caress gaze realise exist desired time bliss eternal stillness avoid thinking wanting bearing weight continuous sorrow knowing treasured dissipated memories helplessly accept fate recapturing sentiment shared loved undividedly

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