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Dear 2 AM, I've so many complains with you. So many, that even this night will pass, but this letter won't end. You're a spoilsport. A villain. A merciless demon. You've opened so many scars. You've revealed so many secrets. You've showed so many vulnerabilities. You've removed so many masks. You've undressed so many flaws. You've turned so many friends into lovers and so many lovers into strangers. You've given meaning to so many conversations and you've digged so many conversations. You've given voices to demons and you've taught us how to cope with them. You've made so many poems rhyme. You've helped so many stories to shine. You've given so many paintings — life. You've created so many melodies. You've sung so many songs. You've heared both mourns and moans. You've witnessed rains. You've witnessed droughts. Sometimes from eyes. Sometimes from clouds. I want to ask a question planted long ago in my mind. Do you also have a 1 AM friend, like we all have? Is he the moon? Or does he b
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dear complains night pass letter spoilsport villain merciless demon opened scars revealed secrets showed vulnerabilities removed masks undressed flaws turned friends lovers strangers meaning digged conversations voices demons taught cope poems rhyme helped stories shine paintings life created melodies sung songs heared mourns moans rains witnessed droughts eyes clouds question planted long mind friend moon

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