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DEAR FUTURE WIFY..... " I loves MY MAMA and other family VERY much... but when I said, "I do!"..... I promised that God would be number one in MY LIFE... and wify would be number two. PERIOD..... If my Mom TRULY needed help.... and I had the means to help her... then I would HELP HER..... But if helping her harmed OUR marriage or our finances in any way..... I would tell her NO without thinking twice...... Now that I'm a husband... I takes care of US before I takes care of ANYTHING else...... I am 100% secure in knowing that I will go to ANY length to take care of YOU before anyone else..... However, MY MOTHER is one of THE most amazing WOMAN I know... and she would NEVER take advantage of ME.... "
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dear future loves mama family promised god life wify number period mom needed means helping harmed marriage finances thinking husband takes 100 secure knowing length care mother amazing woman advantage

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