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Dear sister, your beauty is something to compare, Afar off any man to see, tiny pink cap of a Nile river, That everyone behold but you only breeze through all, O! There is no glimpse at this certain flower but gaze, Yet only one wander in patience bend to it and seek, Be patience with one who fetch you to bond his soul, Let your act be that of musk that is pour to home, If it is brawling sun, oh! you seek your Lord for a drench heart, Even a flooding in the moon, seek Allah's patience, Listen to whisper but never plop in tongues of feet, Know now! know now! The garden of all soul is love and rooted in religion, Stick to his soul for your bliss from your deen, For your heart is a wool in coldness of night, And his eyes are lamps in family's sky.
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dear sister beauty compare afar man tiny pink cap nile river behold breeze glimpse flower gaze wander bend fetch bond act musk pour home brawling sun lord drench flooding moon seek allah patience listen whisper plop tongues feet garden love rooted religion stick soul bliss deen heart wool coldness night eyes lamps family sky

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