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Death, how ugly you're? That poor boy who wants to be in peak, you grip away , Not by breeze but hurricane of feet of road when collided, So young to depart from us, old immortal becoming to be mortal, Am too scare to see how ugly you're death, even if you're beautiful, If I have a swift carpet like Prophet Suliamon (A.s), I will exchange his deen for pure, For I want to see his doom in bliss, hereafter, But your step is thud to hooves never to hear by any soul, So tall no than earth, with long feathers, never to be sight, No one sense of you except the aimed one, Oh! Death, Am squeeze to paper, clothes in basket, so sad my friend, My friend! gentleman my boss always says to admire, My boss, your friend! Ugh! Death, Time can't be grip by anyone to know what's effect, Death! You're ugly one man holding an hammer, Silent killer, unmatchable assassin to grip all creatures, I know Allah would kill you death, also.
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poor boy peak breeze hurricane feet road collided young depart immortal mortal scare beautiful swift carpet prophet suliamon exchange deen pure doom bliss step thud hooves hear soul tall earth long feathers sight sense aimed squeeze paper clothes basket sad gentleman admire boss friend ugh time effect ugly man holding hammer silent killer unmatchable assassin grip creatures allah kill death

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