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Death is scary, for everybody. No one truly knows what lies beyond the door of death, and no one is eager to find out. Religion tells us we go to heaven, science tells us we become nothing, and we tell ourselves we will never die. For all we know we could be wrong about what we believe what happens after death, but no one really knows the correct answer, so no one can be wrong if the is no wrong answer. Death is unstoppable, undeniable, unpredictable, unreliable, and for some, unfair, but the clock must make a full circle before the bell must chime, and until then we are left hopeless in truly discovering what lies beyond the grave. Death comes to us all, and there is nothing we can do about it, not now, not ever.
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scary door eager find religion heaven science tells die correct wrong answer unstoppable undeniable unpredictable unreliable unfair clock full circle bell chime left hopeless discovering lies grave death

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