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Do people really believe they can manipulate me because I said ''When you reject people, you reject yourself...'' (When you reject someone, you reject yourself). Everybody is living under the perfect level. And everybody at times is living in harmony with the perfect level. Our lives are relative! or is relative! It is a necessity to reject the nonsense that comes from people some of the time! With wisdom and creativity comes remedy for people's craziness. But it can be a worser evil to allow someone to keep doing evil - to permit them into your life when you don't have the wisdom, or think you have the wisdom, to handle them or the situation! Let's be realists that seek to live a true life. Let's work to be truists or truthists more completely! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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manipulate times living harmony perfect level lives relative necessity reject nonsense time creativity remedy people craziness worser evil permit wisdom handle situation realists seek live true life work truists truthists completely joshua aaron guillory

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