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Do what you want! If you speak what you feel is right & it sounds like hate, jealousy/competition, so be it! As long as you're right for the moment, you did right! The Bible says the angels are warring in heaven! You gotta protect and promote your peace & happiness in a world constantly trying to take away your peace & happiness! These people on searchquotes & ownquotes & poemhunter are heartless. I never would have imagined human beings would play all day! These people claim Christianity & other sects/religions of love but never will go the extra mile to converse with you on private message to encourage you with a word from a pure heart! It's all talk & distance! Not real love! It's undercover competition they do! & they make peace with it! How sick! I'm gonna keep destroying every last one of you with words until you correct your crappy behavior. My words cut necks like swords! Get used to it! & people, stop feeling guilt! Accept what you did & move on. Peace.- Joshua Aaron Guillory
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speak feel sounds hate jealousy long moment bible angels warring heaven gotta protect promote world constantly happiness searchquotes ownquotes poemhunter heartless imagined human beings play day claim christianity sects religions extra mile converse private message encourage word pure heart talk distance real love undercover competition sick gonna destroying correct crappy behavior words cut necks swords people stop feeling guilt accept move peace joshua aaron guillory

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