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Evaporate lie, all the pareidolia, the aberration, the apotheosis of a selfish philosophy. You see what's really there. There's a reality without embellishment. There, the ladders of the hierarchy from the tombstones leading to nowhere and the dying phrases expressing themselves as infantile egoism, one quote is more cynical than the other and cold snow from the dust of pride and vanity. There, the light of consciousness blinds the eyes and from insight there is an intracerebral hemorrhage, the psyche breaks into bells like a glass vessel in which in fact there was only emptiness and from this there is a radiance in rebirth from the inner growing up, the evolution of awareness. You see there a broken mirror right on the ground, in it is your reflection, an ancient ghost, you see how exhausted your soul is with earthly desires and temptations, and all whom you call your best friends, they are actually imaginary, you have no friends , Only potential enemies, enemies everywhere, which sho
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evaporate lie pareidolia aberration apotheosis selfish philosophy reality embellishment ladders hierarchy tombstones leading dying phrases expressing infantile egoism cynical cold snow dust pride vanity light consciousness blinds eyes insight intracerebral hemorrhage psyche breaks bells glass vessel fact emptiness radiance rebirth growing evolution awareness broken mirror ground reflection ancient ghost exhausted soul earthly desires temptations call imaginary friends potential enemies sho

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