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Every man has, can produce/is capable of infinite sperm! Male & female is capable of egg & sperm! & every man, male/female, man/woman, can restore/maximize/perfect their face, whether they've been burned/have been born or succumbed to some medical/dysfunctional disorder! All appearances are beautiful in the art of life! Depending on the perception/perspective of the individual/individuals! In the highest/lowest, deepest/furthest degree all is beautiful & all is ugly! Ugly can sometimes & to some degree always be beautiful & so can beautiful sometimes & always to some degree be ugly! & there are certain laws which govern nature & the mind that man has succumb to & [can] overcome & yet [can] not! To know to do right & not to is sin! Sin brings forth death & the wages of sin is death! Depression, sickness & many others! However love expressed through knowledge, wisdom, prudence, affection, belief, compassion/understanding & magic can reverse the curse of death! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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produce infinite capable egg sperm male female woman restore maximize perfect face burned born succumbed medical dysfunctional disorder appearances art life depending perception perspective individual individuals highest lowest deepest furthest beautiful degree ugly laws govern nature mind man succumb overcome brings wages sin depression sickness love expressed knowledge wisdom prudence affection belief compassion understanding magic reverse curse death joshua aaron guillory

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