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Every medicine/drug is a form of bullshido! It works relative to the person/recipient! Their mental state/condition or their physical, spiritual/emotional health, state/condition! Also with reactive/counter drugs/medicines/medications! & how they perceive/interpret what they take! or experience! How their minds/bodies perceive it! There is nothing real yet everything is real! Everything is relative! Everything is truth! & every truth is relative! & same with falsehood! There is no stopping world peace because you can't stop that which is relative/the power to relativize everything for world peace! Every time you say something I have an answer! I being world peace! & every person as I've stated, or creature, is also a form of bullshido! They work as any medicine/drug, relative to the person/recipient's experience/interpretation/mind state/physical state/emotional state/financial/resource-state! of the person, thing, creature/experience! or the awareness of such! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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works mental spiritual health condition reactive counter drugs medicines medications interpret minds bodies perceive real truth falsehood stopping stop power relativize time answer world peace stated form bullshido work medicine drug relative recipient interpretation mind physical emotional financial resource state person creature experience awareness joshua aaron guillory

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