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Every time one looks up in the sky, one gets intrigued by the many similarities between us and the clouds above us... Just as we are made up of 5 vital elements, namely, fire, air, space, earth and water, the clouds are the same... Just like when we get attached, we make sparkles and the clinging thereafter, clouds when they cling create thunder... Just like our reality of impermanence is imminent, clouds come and go... and again come back once the chemistry is right... One hopes to be a cloud, free flowing with no clinging, no dependence, no attachments, just flowing on the reality of the universe... One hopes to be a cloud that is in sync with the five elements... May you be that cloud... Enjoying every moment of life... Every breath, every beat of the heart... At peace... Helping one another...
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time sky intrigued similarities vital fire air space earth water attached sparkles cling create thunder impermanence imminent clouds chemistry free clinging dependence attachments flowing reality universe hopes sync elements cloud enjoying moment life breath beat heart peace helping

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