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Everybody's obsessed with me! They're in love with me! And that's good! Anything attached to me, true me, is good! So long as it is truth, and it is! Good obsession is the praise and honor and respect and love they give me, and them in relation to me! I am greatness and greatness is me! - Joshua Aaron Guillory They treat me as God treats His creations and or manifestations! I am their God and they are my people! says the Lord! Says me and everyone in Lordness, male female or same! all are all! we all are male female neither both and either neither either all same same all etc. i'm married to you, and you're married to me, we're one and all we're one in all we're one all! All one! They treat me as God, the Lord, treats His/Her/Its/Neithers/OrNothingness or etc.s creation and or manifestation!
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obsessed attached true long truth good obsession praise honor respect love give relation greatness joshua aaron guillory creations manifestations people lordness male female married treat god lord treats neithers ornothingness creation manifestation

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