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"Everyday I smile, I laugh, and I hug people. But is that really me. I mean really me, do I really laugh from my heart, do I smile out of joy, do I hug the people around me cause I want to. These days I look in the mirror, and I don't see me, I see a fake me. I don't smile cause I am happy, I smile cause I don't want people to be concern, I laugh cause I am confused and I don't know what else to do. I hug people cause I have to, I don't crave for there touch, I don't want them to stay and help me during the hard times. Cause lets be real, would they actually stay with you and cheer you up with words. Not just smile and say it will be ok, will they take your side even if they know you were wrong. I show a fake me, and I am not afraid to admit it . I am only real to one person, and that one person is my best friend. But every day we slowly slide a from from each other. Every day that goes by that our friend ship fades, my soul dies. My fake self starts to show all the time, my real self
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everyday heart joy days mirror happy concern laugh confused hug people crave touch hard times lets stay cheer words smile side wrong afraid admit person slowly slide day friend ship fades soul dies fake starts show time real

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