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Everything I do, be, see, think, feel is good! Is peaceful! Is powerful! Is light and the light-darkness of conscious truth for those-all who understand! If I burp it's peaceful! If I wash my hands it's peaceful and or good! If I give a thumbs up it's good or peaceful! Even if I use my middle finger which is a beautiful manifestation of God or good or Nature, or even creation, some or some-all may say, it represents authority and love! The centeredness! The heart, the source, the throne! This is what I say and think and feel! This is what is! The middle finger represents I can do whatever I want, always in the now of forever! true power! true peace! We're not just awesome we're allsome! someall! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - It represents the pyramid of peace and truth! It represents I am and will forever be victorious and invincible! and God! The Lord God! The Light and Darkness (good or God light-consciousness) of all! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - (around 2:35 am)
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powerful conscious understand burp wash hands give thumbs peaceful beautiful manifestation nature creation authority love centeredness heart source throne feel middle finger power true awesome allsome someall pyramid peace truth represents victorious invincible lord darkness good god light consciousness joshua aaron guillory

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