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Everything I teach is consistent with my heart. Love existed before ''Bible or Quran'' - before the manuscripts or scrolls. People think to credit my work with the bible sarcastically, which further turns me away from so-called Christians or followers of Christ. They play the same games as the world! You are supposed to be so humble that you allow yourselves to be persecuted and abused because great is the reward in heaven! ha-ha! or at least according to the fundamental doctrines! In other words, you're supposed to be stupid. But many of you are living double lives of Christianity. You're living the churches of the world and then you're living your secular ideologies! Self-preservation or not, you're supposed to die to self or ego. You're supposed to cry and turn the other cheek. You're supposed to be a beacon of love. I, on the other hand, am supposed to due what my heart wisely instructs me to do! Does bible teach ''eternal life is possible in the flesh?'' - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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