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Everywhere I go it's so peaceful and relaxing! I am everywhere! Everywhere I go is full of love! Everywhere I go is my spot! Wherever! I hear the sound of peace! Even when there's noise all [I] hear is peace! The noise is peace or peaceful! The noise is silence and noise! the noise of peace! I only live in the truth! I'm all-powerful in the truth always and forever! Truth is all that exists! My life is perfect, peaceful, easy, and heavenly safe! All people respect me and love and bow before me! [in whatever position, state or stance] And join me in world peace! We're all one! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - (around 2:35 am)
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relaxing full spot sound hear silence noise live powerful truth exists life perfect peaceful easy heavenly safe people respect love bow position state stance join world peace joshua aaron guillory

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