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Excessive personal distinction, the preferences of each person. Search Turns the second half, in an impossible task. All his life, and so to the death of all the girls hear the same phrase: do not worry, you still can find, the girl of his dreams, the same one and only. If the course you fit the standards of the modern image of sex symbol, it means that you have with this is no problem. But you are not to blame, you just do not fit. Each person has his own ideal of who fascist lust is love only to members of their own race or nation, someone is a lover of the exotic: the love of other nations and races, and someone false, greedy love. Well, someone just izvraschenskih love for an ideal, perfect bodies. And quite a few of those people who appreciate the beauty of it is internal. I had a dream, it was like a dark labyrinth of Osiris, God, there's a wall priveshen empty body, they are costumes, beautiful body dismantled very quickly become such a celebrity, or porn stars, or photo and fil
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excessive personal distinction preferences search turns impossible task life death girls hear phrase worry find girl dreams standards modern image sex symbol means problem blame fit person fascist lust members race nation lover exotic nations races false greedy izvraschenskih love ideal perfect bodies people beauty internal dream dark labyrinth osiris god wall priveshen empty costumes beautiful body dismantled quickly celebrity porn stars photo fil

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