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FACTS ABOUT ME (1): 1)"H"andwriting-I love calligraphy because,I got an "Osee prize" when I was in 3rd std. 2)"A"rt-I love art,because its always my mother who drew and made me win in competitions. 3)"P"almistry-I love palmistry,because my grandpa acts like he knows it and tells only good about my finger prints. 4)"P"oetry-I recently only developed that talent,but i act like i knew it before my birth. 5)"Y"outube-I watch it 24*7,like a news channel. Rate this,if you can find out the hidden wish :)
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facts andwriting calligraphy osee prize 3rd std art mother drew win competitions almistry love palmistry grandpa acts tells good finger prints oetry developed talent act knew birth outube watch news channel rate find hidden

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