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FACTS ABOUT ME (2): 1)"B"adminton-I love it because,people say i play like Sharapova,even though i dont play well. 2)"I"ce cream-I love it because,there is always a coincidence,that i eat an ice cream instinctly with good news. 3)"R"ain-I love it because,its a God's shower on me. 4)"T"able tennis-I have always lost in the second round in the match. 5)"H"istory-I can never forget it,when I got 98% by the wrong counting of my teacher. 6)"D"ream-I had a great dream,with a secret in it,which I would like to share to you on a special night. 7)"A"lphabet-I love this alphabet,because my sweet heart's name starts with it. 8)"Y"awning-I've always got a talent of controlling my yawn,beautifully with moistened eyes. Read only the 'capital letters' and 'atrophied' ones to solve the puzzle from both the facts,to find my wish for you:)
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adminton people sharapova play coincidence eat ice cream instinctly good news ain god shower tennis lost match istory forget wrong counting teacher ream great dream secret share special night lphabet love alphabet sweet heart starts awning talent controlling yawn beautifully moistened eyes read capital letters atrophied solve puzzle facts find

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Kruthika on July 18, 2016, 12:39 pm
I mean apostrophied not atrophied!
De_magnus7 on November 20, 2016, 9:11 am
i love this quote and every fact about you.....

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