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Falling of the leafs in autumn season it doesn't mean that the trees become weaker but their determination make them much stronger, greener and higher... Saiyyad Mohd.Shahabuddin Success come down to feet who dare to fight against defeat. Syed Mohd Shahabuddin Always support weaker then you can realize your strength against power. Syed Mohd Shahabuddin Congress ek aise pudhe ke samaan hai jiske beejon mein vikas shakhaon mein dharmnirpechhata aur jaron mein vishvas ka pani hai. Syed Mohd Shahabuddin Luck means dare who conceive, rules over the fear, those who don't care, mash in the soil. Syed Mohd Shahabuddin
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falling leafs autumn season trees determination stronger greener higher saiyyad success feet fight defeat support weaker realize strength power congress aise pudhe samaan jiske beejon vikas shakhaon dharmnirpechhata aur jaron mein vishvas pani hai luck means conceive rules fear care mash soil syed mohd shahabuddin

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