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Fear of the unknown and fear in general comes from the emptiness the heart feels when the mind leaves the heart; with the heart's fearing of abandonment, the mind sets off on a long journey to find a solution to the heart's loneliness, not realizing that the further it leaves the heart through thought, the more emptiness is created in the heart and the more one fears abandonment. This emptiness or this fear in the heart can only be filled with love and comfort. The heart is thus a vessel for caring and needs all the attention one can give it. Because like a baby, the heart cries and will always cry until things are set right with it. The mind as smart as it can be cannot feel like the heart, it can only understand and that my friends are two different things.
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unknown general feels fearing sets long journey find solution loneliness realizing leaves thought created fears abandonment emptiness fear filled love comfort vessel caring attention give baby cries cry set mind smart feel heart understand friends

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