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" Feel free to.. judge me.. but only when.. you are perfect.. "
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feel free judge perfect

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Iam3sent2see1truth on November 11, 2017, 11:43 pm
"Perfect is deceit for the ones incapable of self judgment and recollection. Judgment from anouther is blunt no suger coat constructive criticism of what's shown by you to them. Or your perfect so judge first you did by saying but only when you are perfect. Who are you to say that person is not perfect? Like hurt people hurt people. I would say let them all judge me so I may learn something not known before, this does not mean it is true or false but only what is seen. Know yourself and no judgment from other's have no sway of your feelings." MP But what do I know I'm my judge jury and executioner no need for other people I do it myself but I hear them out always and never say there wrong because what I show is what they see so I make a change so they never see what once was seen. MP

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