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Feeling sad? What's that? I never feel sad! Is that true? No! I do feel sad and that's normal isn't it? Well, I feel a little more than all think! I don't know is not the answer I am supposed to say. So I am daring to find the answers that haunts me at nights... From my birth, I am searching for it, I have not been successful till now, but I know I'll someday not far from now will find the truth! This is not letters of a psychic, but a simple boy who was born with responsibilities and didn't knew anything about the world, who dared to take the chance which was offered to him. Not dwelling too much in the past, on the poverty and the sufferings, he's moving on... With a flaming heart which one day the world will know... With due respect and honesty -The Boy Who Lived!!
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feeling true sad normal feel answer supposed daring answers haunts nights birth searching successful find truth letters psychic simple born responsibilities knew dared chance offered dwelling poverty sufferings moving flaming heart day world due respect honesty boy lived

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