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Flaws shoot bodies of mankind the same gun. Lust shot between the legs, shot in the stomach gluttony, pride, shot in the heart, shot in the lungs anger, greed shot in the throat, envy shot into the language, despondency shot in the forehead. Their happy smiles behold, gradually dying this crazy race. People - it's corpses that slowly smoldering from their vices, they are transformed into living skeletons, nonchalantly wandering into an infinitely deep darkness of self-deception. Skeletons, which will eventually turn into dust. Self-deception - this is your orchestra conductor of your vices, which will play your symphony of self-destruction. Vice- is an evolving symbiotic.
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flaws shoot bodies mankind gun lust legs stomach gluttony pride heart lungs anger greed throat envy language despondency shot forehead happy smiles behold gradually dying crazy race people corpses slowly smoldering transformed living nonchalantly wandering infinitely deep darkness skeletons eventually turn dust deception orchestra conductor vices play symphony destruction vice evolving symbiotic

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