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Focus On Your Own Work... As People Watches And Observes Your All Activities... Don't Worry, If Their Response Is Not Coming... Just Fix On Your Approach And Your Own Game Plan... Time Is Watching You, He Is Just Checking Your Ability... If You Were Not Important, Then You Were Not Capable Of Doing That" WORK"... See.... Just Read This, In Starting, Character(You) Can Be Not Important Or Not Valuable... Your Work, Or Plot Of Your Efforts And Labour Is The Most Important... As Your Work Will Directly Indicate You... And Then, When The Work Is Showcased By Everyone... The Character(You) Get's All The Credit And Listed Among Favourite's In Everyone's Life... So At Last Just Stick To Your Own Work And Never Get Disappointed !!!
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focus people watches observes activities worry response coming fix approach game plan time watching checking ability capable read starting valuable plot efforts labour important showcased character credit listed favourite life stick work disappointed

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