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For anyone to admit they're lucky, is to admit they were chosen by fate. For to admit that someone else or something else could have been chosen in your place, is to admit there was another option. And to admit there was another option, is to admit that something was chosen beforehand. Which brings me to fate. Luck is just the ignorance or awareness of fate. And because you are admitting that something is fixed, you're admitting to Fate. Because Fate is something that is fixed. Meaning that it, life, existence, must go on as it is supposed to. That you are lucky that you are apart of it. The it being the course or process. The course or process of nature. The one process that is fixed. Fate is the one course or process that is fixed. Nothing changes but according to the plan or script. Trees may grow today and some tomorrow but they were all destined to grow by the script. The self-existing awareness that moves without moving. That changes without changing... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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