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For you to compose splendid and timeless songs, you need to think outside the box, take time to constantly study the Bible and occasionally visit beautiful sites such as Beach, waterfalls, Zoo, Gardens, mountains, Hills, museum, orphanage homes, tourist centre; the experience will immensely enhance your writing skills, like the moment of the ocean tides, the melodious harmony from the birds, the colourful and beautiful flowers, the stress of climbing Hill and mountain and the rest at the peak, the cry and look of the hopeless children etc; you cannot just imagine the feelings until you experience it. (coined from Before The Sunrise written by BJ Sam )
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compose splendid timeless songs box time constantly study bible occasionally visit sites beach waterfalls zoo gardens mountains hills museum orphanage homes tourist centre immensely enhance writing skills moment ocean tides melodious harmony birds colourful beautiful flowers stress climbing hill mountain rest peak cry hopeless children imagine feelings experience coined sunrise written sam

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