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Free her heart to snow when dying her faith in God, When your mind to junk saggy wire grip by cold, severs, True when love shrouded to dead, heart see no safetied, Light on not candlelove when you see gravity desire fuss. It is only by burning faith our two lamps in sky ride to see, Not man desire fulfilled if jealousy is madtree in kook play, You hate your life when adhered to falling faith in love, Oh! when you are alone you miss home to child's candy, Let yourself whist and free yourself from caged love, For you to fledge and soar over sea where breeze is, By this voyage, seek your new future of love in core, See unfaith to diminished pillar and recast to great, Sky let sun go to see the moon, so enjoy the change, Session let thirsty go to drenched in wet of time.
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snow dying god mind junk saggy wire grip cold severs true shrouded dead heart safetied light candlelove gravity fuss burning lamps ride man desire fulfilled jealousy madtree kook play hate life adhered falling faith home child candy whist free caged fledge soar sea breeze voyage seek future love core unfaith diminished pillar recast great sky sun moon enjoy change session thirsty drenched wet time

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