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" Go on now, and chase your dream.. If you continue to ignore it, you certainly won't. Do not worry, you are never alone.. You will always find adversity, and sacrifice on every level. Greet them openly. These are two good friends to have, as they will lead you to the awareness that you are never alone.. You never were. Besides, more friends await you along the path of love. Those who tell you that you shouldn't, or that you can't.. Don't. Disengage when you must, only as little as possible. Success is a matter of interpretation, depending only on how you choose too look at it.. Your success is never guaranteed, however, neither is a next time. Above all else.. Never think of failure as an option. It will only take you back to the point from which you started. However, you can always try again, and again. Time may be the only thing that we wait too lose. " - Klaatu 2017
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chase dream continue ignore worry find adversity sacrifice level greet openly good lead awareness friends await path love disengage matter interpretation depending choose success guaranteed failure option point started time wait lose klaatu 2017

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