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God convicts & Satan convicts! In tradition or as we see, feel, know, or think we know or believe, God is the inner voice that convicts us to do something/convicts us because we've done something good or bad! Some people say God convicts us to feel guilty so that we get things straight/in line! Satan convicts us to feel guilty whether/not we think it's to get something straight/in line! & sometimes we think we should get straight with people/pay them revenge! & sometimes forgive! & sometimes we feel/have felt disgusted with our forgiving/how we perceived forgiveness/our forgiving! In [certain sects of] Christianity & Islam & certain other traditions men [and women] teach that some men will spend eternity in hell! If that isn't guilt what is? Sin is guilt & guilt is sin! & can be a form of righteousness too! Satan, the accuser, just as God, in this belief holds men to remember what they did or have done forever! So the statement is true, God & Satan are one! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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tradition voice good bad convicts guilty line straight people pay revenge forgive feel felt disgusted perceived forgiveness forgiving sects christianity islam traditions women teach spend eternity hell guilt sin form righteousness accuser belief holds men remember statement true god satan joshua aaron guillory

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