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Good intentions require more than one perspective. Like when your intentions are to do something effectively but could turn out to be ineffective. Say you didn't want to bother someone but you needed help. So then you thought to yourself that you would wait for the right time. But the right time never came so you never asked. So you never got the help that you needed. Could it be that there is a right time to bother someone when you need help? You never know until you ask. They might even think that helping you is a no bother at all. You never know. And then again they may say no. So now let's say the answer was no. Now that you know the answer is no, then you are free to go and ask someone else. And keep asking until you get the help that you need. Or you could simply stop asking. But that wouldn't help you at all. Don't let fear and intimidation keep you from getting the help you need. Isn't as equally important for you to know if someone will help you as it is for them to know that
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