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Great friendships are made by great friends, whether you have known each other for years or countable months.If you face your situations without fear and fright, you will overcome every challenge. after that you will feel proud and humbled by your patience.never walk out in the first hint of breaking, you never know, maybe it will not be a fatal break but one you can fix right after. if you decide to stay, both of you can easily act as impact breakers of the fall, which will then be easier to handle than if you were on your own. Cherish your small beginnings, your little words that bring comfort to your hearts, every time spent together.in good or bad times.you will be happy in the end knowing, YOU HELD ON.
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friendships great friends years countable months face situations fear fright overcome challenge feel proud humbled patience walk hint breaking fatal break fix decide stay easily act impact breakers fall easier handle cherish small beginnings words bring comfort hearts time spent good bad times happy knowing held

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Isaacjosan on October 17, 2013, 2:50 am
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